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The Bathroom Planner: Hundreds of Great Ideas for Your New Bathroom













The Bathroom Planner: Hundreds of Great Ideas for Your New Bathroom
by Suzanne Ardley


The bathroom, any bathroom, begs to be designed as a space for both relaxing comfort and complete privacy--at once a utilitarian space of functionality and a peaceful oasis. The Bathroom Planner is full of practical advice and handy tools that will help readers looking to update their bathroom--or completely remodel it--find the perfect design.

The book begins with a useful section on assessing needs and includes informational charts aimed at singles, couples, families, and those with special needs. Each of these charts offers helpful tips and advice for designing for small, large, budget, and awkwardly spaced bathrooms. The "Bathroom Styles" chapter uses a clever split-page design that allows readers to mix and match walls, cabinets, fixtures, and floors by flipping back and forth until they find a combination that suits their needs and taste. "Bathroom Planning" guides readers through the process of figuring out what fixtures and other furniture they require and how to fit them into the space they have in a way that is functional and comfortable to use. "Bathroom Basics" walks readers through the principles of bathroom ergonomics and reviews the available styles of storage, bathtubs, showers, sinks, toilets, bidets, faucets and fixtures, and accessories. "Bathroom Elements" helps readers choose appropriate materials for floors, walls, countertops, windows, and more. "Quick Fixes" is ideal for those who simply want to improve or update their bathrooms without completely remodeling.

The reusable stickers and floor-layout grid in the back of the book are indispensable tools in planning a new bathroom, and the handy checklists take readers step by step through the process without missing a beat. Full-color photographs of bathrooms ranging from Asian-inspired spare rooms suitable for peaceful meditation to sleek contemporary meccas of glass and steel will surely inspire readers to find a style that suits their own needs, taste, and home. --Robin Donovan

From Library Journal
Ardley provides a good overview of what must be taken into account when planning a bathroom, including the requirements of singles, families, and those with special needs. With its flip charts for color and storage choices and templates for floor plans, this book will help amateurs get started, but Andrew Wormer's Bathroom Idea Book (LJ 9/15/99) remains a more comprehensive guide to bathroom planning. Recommended for public libraries where there is a continued interest.
Copyright 2001 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Book Description
The latest in Chronicle Book's best-selling series that includes The Kitchen Planner and The Home Office Planner, The Bathroom Planner is the fun and totally functional resource for anyone looking to remodel or build an entirely new bathroom. With 200 inspiring full-color photographs and countless ideas, this innovative guide covers it all. The uniquely designed dual-split pages allow for easy mixing and matching of wall options, fixtures, storage solutions, and floors. Simply flip back and forth to find the perfect combination. The reusable stickers and layout grid make for effortless experimentation with any number of floorplan options. And the informational charts--written specifically for singles, couples, families, and people with special needs--will help anyone design the perfect bathroom to their own particular requirements. Filled with practical, creative advice for everything from the quick fix to the complete makeover, The Bathroom Planner is the ultimate guide to creating the ideal bathroom space.

About the Author
Suzanne Ardley, former design editor of Ideal Home, is the author of The Kitchen Planner. She lives in England.





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