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             brain injury

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Head Injury: The Facts: A Guide for Families and Care-Givers (Oxford Medical Publications)


Head Injury: The Facts: A Guide for Families and Care-Givers (Oxford Medical Publications)
by D. M. A. Gronwall,

Each day throughout the world hundreds of people suffer head injuries. The after-care of the victim, once the injury is no longer life-threatening, is often inadequate, and all too often families are left to manage as best as they can. This book explains the effects of injury in non-technical terms and, where possible, suggests practical ways of overcoming these effects. The authors follow the stages that the patient goes through, and explain the procedures and techniques used to chart progress. They also examine the effect of head trauma on families and friends. For the person who will eventually recover sufficiently to do so, there are suggestions on managing the return to work or school most effectively. For those who will never reach this level, there is a section which describes the long-term adjustments that these people and their care-givers need to make. The final section outlines the requirements of a head injury rehabilitation system, and gives some suggestions about the steps that individuals can take to ensure that this sort of service is provided in their area. The new edition has been fully updated to reflect the recent advances in medical science.

An increasing number of people die in traffic accidents each year. The hidden road toll, the drivers, passengers and pedestrians who are head-injured but not killed is a significantly higher figure, and improved medical techniques should ensure a greater survival rate in the future. But the accident victim is not the only sufferer. This book is written for the family and friends of a head-injured person, providing comprehensive information not normally available to the layperson on the effects and treatment of head injury, prognostic signs and rehabilitation of the patient.

Book Info
Auckland Hospital, New Zealand. Pocket-sized explanation of head injuries for patients. Previous edition: c1992. Discusses the stages of recovery, and the procedures to be used. Softcover. Trim size: 7.5 x 5 inches. DNLM: Brain injuries--rehabilitation.


5 out of 5 stars learning about brain injury, June 13, 2002

  Reviewer: rambla (see more about me) from austin, tx United States

This book is an excellent overview of the basic facts associated with brain injury. It clearly presents the nature of brain injury and the aftermath, both immediate and long term. It relates incidents of behavior and ways of coping with the difficulties during the recovery period.

The description of the matter of expectations and a realistic approach to the condition of the brain injured is helpful in dealing with the stress of sometimes confusing, frustrating and sudden change in the injured person and the family.

The kinds of related healthcare professionals and their functions are identified. The book is organized in a way that information is easily accessible; it contains useful and practical tips.

Altogether this is a very helpful guide through what is often a frightening, confusing and unfamiliar process.









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